The overall aim of this course is to provide participants with the necessary skills required to plan their projects by learning how to develop key performance indicators for monitoring and controlling their project schedule.

Finally, the course will cover how to effectively plan project stakeholders’ engagement and manage their expectations.


The executive – From strategy to value creation
  • Staying strategically nimble
  • Driving operational versatility
  • Knowing your numbers – where to start
  • Mastering your business forecast
  • Revisiting key financial statements
  • Reviewing key measures and KPIs – keeping an eye on the right stuff
  • Optimizing your decision in a challenging landscape
The Qualification Process
  • Vision, roles and responsibilities of an inspirational leader
  • Leading VS Managing
  • Qualities and skills required
  • Different leadership styles and steps to adapt to different situations
  • Overcoming the challenges of leadership
Communication Skills
  • From intermittent change to constant disruptions – the law of permanent transformation
  • The executive challenge: balancing between stability and flexibility
  • Introducing dexterity and resourcefulness across the organization
  • Embracing risk and thinking alternatives
The Board of Director’s Agenda
  • 5 things you must always do
  • 4 strategic elements you need to have on your agenda
  • Mentoring, coaching and peer networking
  • Self-development and personal wellness
Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Project management definitions
  • Projects versus operations
  • Applications of project management
  • Managing project constraints
  • Potential benefits of project management
Fundamentals of Compliance
  • Data Governance Management Standards and Compliance
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy
  • Document and Records Management Compliance
Communicating with Emotional Intelligence
  • Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence
  • Assess your Emotional Quotient
  • Understanding the Four Pillars of Emotional Intelligence
  • Characteristics and skills of assertiveness
  • Handling difficult people with confidence
  • Responding appropriately to aggressive, assertive and passive people


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    I really enjoyed the training and felt so comfortable during that period.  The instructor’s style was very effective by explaining every subject and giving examples for each one. I really recommend my friends to come and participate in courses here
    • Zana Namiq
    • NADIA Training Alumni
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    Today I completed online Personality Development training conducted by Mr Tinu Thomas. The sessions were very informative, inspiring and interesting. He gave real life like examples which helped me understand the concepts clearly. My confidence level improved and I hope this course would help me pursue my future career in a better way. Thank you so much, Tinu.
    • GS Meera
    • NADIA Training Alumni
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    I just completed my training at Nadia with the trainer (Tinu Thomas). Tinu made the classes so interesting and he gave attention to each student. Classes were very informative. I will definitely recommend to my friends. 🙂 Mariska was so helpful throughout the course for any assistance. Thank you so much to team Nadia!
    • Sherin Kabeer
    • NADIA Training Alumni
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    I did my PHRM training with Mr. Tinu from Nadia and it was a fruitful learning experience for me. Mr. Tinu is a great trainer and he gives attention to each student in his class. He always ensures that each student understand every concept. I'm so glad that I chose Nadia and had the chance to learn from the best. Looking forward to do more professional trainings with Mr. Tinu.. Thank you Mr. Tinu and Nadia !!
    • Hashini K
    • NADIA Training Alumni

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