Mr. Carlton's Story

Marketing has come a long way since its inception, gone are the days of traditional marketing. Advertising in a magazine or distributing flyers are no longer ROI positive. 2019 is the era of digital marketing.

Everyone in this era has a smartphone and the smartphone has become the primary source for consuming content. Its only natural for marketers to now advertise by using google ads, social media ads, and other digital marketing techniques.

Mr. Carlton identified the demand for digital marketing in 2017 and had decided to educate himself on the subject to become a top tier digital marketer. At the time he was working as an operations executive in a healthcare events company and did not have the time to attend classes happening on weekdays. He started doing research on digital marketing in his free time but, digital marketing is a rather tricky subject as there is no right or wrong way of advertising online.

Mr. Carlton spent months reading books, listening to podcasts and watching videos to learn how to be successful at digital marketing, but, all information was contradictory as it was coming from various sources and authors. Confused with the incomplete information on digital marketing Mr. Carlton enrolled in a 1 year Professional Program in Digital marketing and Metrics in a Dubai-based University.

The course from the university was extremely theory based and despite completing the Program Mr. Carlton was not confident in his ability as a digital marketer. Through a friend’s recommendation he approached NADIA training institute and explained his situation to our admissions officer saying “I have completed a digital marketing course already and hence I have the theoretical knowledge, what I’m lacking is the practical aspect of it” admissions office understood the issue at hand and promised that after completing the 3 weeks Digital Marketing Program with NADIA you will be able to do digital marketing for at least a startup or your own business.

Mr. Carlton soon enrolled in the digital marketing course at NADIA Training Institute and was extremely satisfied with the learning outcomes of the course. All topics covered in class were practical with access to a wide range of tools to make our life easier. During this course, he got a new job as a digital marketing specialist at a Marketing Agency in Dubai. After completing the course at NADIA training institute he became proficient at Google ads, social media ads, SEO, Email Marketing and much more. The Digital Marketing Course has exceeded his expectations and right now Mr. Carlton handles 6 clients for the Agency by running ads for them on a daily basis.

This is a real-life case study proving 30 hours of digital marketing course at NADIA can give you significantly more knowledge than a year-long Professional program in digital marketing. This a very good example of how NADIA Training institute helped a student build his career through our digital marketing course. At NADIA we make sure to live up to our promises and by offering you a tailor-made learning experience helping you grow and enhance your skills personally and professionally.

Ms. Heba's Story

Ms. Heba had been applying for jobs for over 6 months now and had just received just 3 interviews. Although she was working with a reputed airlines, after her marriage she wanted to work on the ground and this led her to taking the step of pursuing a new career in the field of Human Resources. She had spent lot of time and effort applying to jobs but didn’t see much response.

Ms. Heba felt frustrated and helpless as she wanted to work but the current market conditions didn’t let her. She had accepted it is very difficult to get a job in Dubai and she knew she needed to do something to stand out and among other candidates to give her the fighting chance in this industry.

Ms. Heba did her research and studied more on the subject of “Human Resources and Recruitment”. Her extra effort to study the subject was not enough as she did not know how to implement it in real life. Ms. Heba contacted NADIA Training institute as she had heard NADIA Recruitment is the Gulf’s #1 Recruitment Agency and Training Institute.

She explained her situation to our admissions officer and by their guidance she enrolled for the Professional Human Resource Management Training (PHRM) + Internship Program.

Ms. Heba successfully completed the 30 hours of Professional Human Resource Management Training (PHRM) and soon began internship at NADIA Recruitment as part of the Executive search team. During her internship at NADIA Recruitment she received a job offer by one of our clients as an HR-Coordinator. Ms. Heba was filled with joy as soon as she got the offer for a permanent job as an HR coordinator. She completed the Internship Program with NADIA and started working permanently for a reputed firm as an HR Coordinator.

Ms. Heba has now completed over 3 years with the same company and enrolled for the Professional Human Resource Management Training (PHRM) again to keep herself updated with the current trends and market demands. Ms. Heba is just one example of a student who invested in herself so she could upgrade her skills and stand out among the pool of candidates but soon got complete ROI in a very short period of time

At NADIA Training institute we deliver courses which are relevant in the market to give students like Ms. Heba an opportunity to make use of the skills she developed and enhanced. We continue to strive forward, delivering the high quality of education and an amazing learning experience for our students. We wish success for our students and look forward to inspiring you to invest in yourself.