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More remote workers and remote teams imply more challenges. The most common challenge is in establishing clear policies for remote work. An even bigger test is motivating a modern workforce.

Ajay Malhotra, Chief Executive Officer at NADIA Global Group shares some simple tips to help motivate your team during these uncertain times.


Whether you choose to communicate by email, phone, messaging, or video call, making sure that you communicate effectively in any situation is a highly valued skill. From sharing important operational details such as, ‘what the team objectives for the week will be’, to keeping team members updated on ‘how business is progressing’, your colleagues need to be informed of what is happening. Set aside some time each week to think about what your team needs to know, how the information will affect them, and the best way to communicate it to them. For example, you would want to have a conversation about not making a performance target directly with the person concerned and preferably over the phone, whereas sharing best practices in how to generate leads could be discussed in a group setting where everyone can benefit from knowing such information.

Ease the Isolation

It is easy for colleagues to feel isolated when everyone is working at home. Those water breaks or coffee catch-ups in the workplace that create the feeling of working in a team environment are gone. To keep staff still feeling part of the team, make sure your team communication is properly setup with room for informal chats. Slack is a useful application that can be used by team members to stay connected, or set up a private group on Facebook or WhatsApp.

Help Set a Routine

Everyone has a different situation at home. Some may be:

● Juggling working from home with young children;

● Fighting for space in a house that they share with other professionals; or

● Working from home while supporting an elderly relative.

It would be unrealistic to expect that everyone in your team will be able to sit down for long periods of time in their homes, working undisturbed and uninterrupted. In fact, it is more likely that their work hours will extend beyond the typical 9-5 to complete a full day’s work. Nevertheless, many people do appreciate having a routine or attempting to follow one as best as possible. If you think it is suitable for your team, discuss a routine that works for them and help them maintain it. That could include anything from setting the start and finish times, taking a lunch break, going for a walk, or taking a screen break every hour.

Check-In (but don’t check-up)

Start the day with a check-in to make sure all staff are feeling good and ready to start the day. This can be done in a group call or chat. Take the opportunity to establish the goals for the day and check whether they have all the information and resources they need to achieve the goals. Remind them that you are there if they need any advice, support or help. You can also go a step further and check-in again at the end of the day, to thank them for their hard work and answer any questions they might have.

Offer Your Support

Now, more than ever, you need to consider the support needs of your staff. Many could be dealing with:

● Stress trying to adjust to new ways of working;

● Anxiety about the future, their job prospects, their health, their loved ones;

● Financial worries; or

● Illness, or even bereavement, in their family.

Be proactive and make it crystal clear that you are there for your team, whatever their worries. You need to have a heightened sense of awareness and be prepared to step in to support and help your team members if they are feeling down. And do not forget about yourself either, as the captain of the ship, you may be experiencing some of these emotions yourself, so seek help if you need it. It is important that you maintain a sound mind and stay strong for your team members.

Share Some Good News

We certainly have had more than our fair share of bad news recently. The pandemic case numbers rising, talk of the worst recession in history, people flouting lockdown…the list can go on and on. So why not try something different – share some good news with your team instead. Whether it is a happy article you found, or positive outcomes at work, like new clients won or great customer feedback, spread some happiness within your team.

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