In today’s era Data is one of the most essential part of a company. To increase the efficiency of a company, Data are playing a vital role. But we need technical knowledge to understand and visualize data. Applied Data Science course is beneficial for understanding and analyzing data. This course is accomplishing these requirements.



  • The Photoshop Screen
  • Getting to know the Tools & Palettes
  • Using guides, grids and rulers
  • Navigation and Zoom shortcuts


  • Why use Selections?
  • Creating selections using Marquee tools
  • The Lasso tools
  • The Magic Wand and Quick Selection tools
  • Adding or Deleting from selections
  • Saving and Loading selections
  • Controlling Tonal Values
  • Creating Toned and Tinted Images
  • Selecting by color range
  • Feathering selections
  • Quick Mask mode

Correcting an Image

  • Using the Histogram palette
  • Fixing colour with variations
  • Using Levels and Curves to fix tone & contrast
  • Colour balance and variations
  • Hue and saturation controls
  • The Vibrance command

Re-Touching Techniques

  • Custom colours
  • Dodge and burn tools
  • Crop and rotate artwork
  • Sharpen and Blur filters
  • Focus tools
  • The Clone & Heal tools
  • The Healing Brush tools
  • The Colour Replace tool
  • Red eye reduction
  • Digital darkroom techniques
  • Creating and editing gradients

Filters, Painting and Drawing

  • Using Filters and Plug-ins
  • Using the Unsharp Mask
  • Cloning Images
  • Using the Burn/Dodge/Sponge Tool
  • Mixing and applying paint and fill colours
  • Print and web safe colours
  • Using the Airbrush, Pencil, Paintbrush and Eyedropper tools
  • Using the Paint Bucket tool
  • Drawing shapes
  • Creating vector shape layers
  • Polygon, line and custom shape tools
  • The add, subtract, intersect commands
  • Editing vector shapes using the pen tools
  • Adding colour fills, gradients and patterns

Working with Layers

  • Creating and Viewing multiple Layers
  • Moving, scaling and rotating layers
  • Linking & aligning Layers
  • Merging, Flattening and Saving Layers
  • Locking and protecting layers
  • Layer groups
  • Applying and editing type
  • Rasterizing shape and text layers
  • Saving and flattening layered files

Merging Layers

  • Applying transparency
  • Basic layer blending modes
  • Text layers
  • Adjustment layers
  • Special effects
  • Drop shadows, glows and embossing
  • Layer masks

Working with Text

  • New Features
  • Creating a Text Layer
  • Text Paragraphs
  • Adding Text Effects
  • Painting Text
  • Text anti-aliasing

Special Effects

  • Using Photoshop filters
  • Working with the Filter Gallery
  • Fading the effects of filters

Saving Files

  • File formats
  • Choosing the right colour mode
  • Adjusting resolution and image size
  • Cropping or enlarging the canvas

Printing and Optimizing Documents

  • Colour modes, resolution & image size
  • Printing from Photoshop
  • Printing from other applications

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    I really enjoyed the training and felt so comfortable during that period.  The instructor’s style was very effective by explaining every subject and giving examples for each one. I really recommend my friends to come and participate in courses here
    • Zana Namiq
    • NADIA Training Alumni
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    Today I completed online Personality Development training conducted by Mr Tinu Thomas. The sessions were very informative, inspiring and interesting. He gave real life like examples which helped me understand the concepts clearly. My confidence level improved and I hope this course would help me pursue my future career in a better way. Thank you so much, Tinu.
    • GS Meera
    • NADIA Training Alumni
  • Client Image

    I just completed my training at Nadia with the trainer (Tinu Thomas). Tinu made the classes so interesting and he gave attention to each student. Classes were very informative. I will definitely recommend to my friends. 🙂 Mariska was so helpful throughout the course for any assistance. Thank you so much to team Nadia!
    • Sherin Kabeer
    • NADIA Training Alumni
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    I did my PHRM training with Mr. Tinu from Nadia and it was a fruitful learning experience for me. Mr. Tinu is a great trainer and he gives attention to each student in his class. He always ensures that each student understand every concept. I'm so glad that I chose Nadia and had the chance to learn from the best. Looking forward to do more professional trainings with Mr. Tinu.. Thank you Mr. Tinu and Nadia !!
    • Hashini K
    • NADIA Training Alumni

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