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Corporate Training

In a competitive business environment, many organizations look into corporate training courses for their employees to guarantee higher productivity and improved quality performance to achieve their business goals, but also to improve the employees morale’s, provide them with job security and satisfaction. Hence, this is where we come to provide you with tailored and high standard quality trainings which suit your business environment and covers all requirements which the employees are expected to learn.

Each program or course we create is specifically designed and developed to meet the client’s business demands and objectives with the flexibility and expertise to offer the right blend of training and consultancy.


Importance of Soft Skills at workplace

Every company culture adopt certain soft skills that supports the success of their business performance and guide their people environment to higher productivity e.g. collaboration, presentation skills, communicating with empathy, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, adaptability, integrity, self-motivation, grit and resilience and these have all become crucial skills requested by the majority of companies in an increasingly competitive world.

Most of the soft or strong skills require practical experience rather than being taught in class to ensure your employees understood how to use each skill at the right situation, whether its conflict management or critical thinking or even simple communication. As a result your employee will have the ability to pursue professional leads and develop an industry knowledge and acquire the know-how at a fast pace.


Why invest on your team?

Continuous investment in the professional development of your employees translates into:

  • More stable workforce and employee job satisfaction
  • High motivation and morale among employees
  • Increased employee productivity and performance
  • Promotes internal employee advancement
  • Increased efficiencies in processes and adherence to quality standards
  • Well-trained employees help companies achieve long-term profitability
  • Greater capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
  • Increased innovation in strategies and products
  • Enhanced brand reputation and company profile


Our Corporate Training Courses

We’ll partner with you to identify and understand your top organization challenges, set goals, and create a custom leadership solution tailored to your specific mission, values, and needs.

HR Analytics & Visualization Using Microsoft Power BI

A customized training designed specifically for HR experts to upgrade their skills and help them understand the processes companies require to read data for critical decision making.

Leadership Development Skill

Specifically developed to help top-tier employees grow their skill sets. This training will help your employees make better decisions, build better teams, manage people efficiently and create business opportunities.

Team & Business Communication Skill Program

In this program your employees will learn to interact professionally with each other and with clients, align with the core company values, reduce turnover and finally achieve client satisfaction and retention.

Customer Service Excellence Skill Program

The aim of this training is to get your employees to adopt the habit of creating professional and high level customer service concepts through offering unique services and continuous improvement on their daily work routines.

Sales & Negotiation Skills

Our corporate training will guide your team to learn how to tackle sales deals through their negotiation skills and acquire techniques that can support them on their daily business encounters and deliver high quality solutions.

Employee Motivation Skill

The program is customized for managers to learn and understand the nature of motivating their subordinates and employees for meeting targets, improved loyalty, high group morals satisfaction and improved discipline.

Time Management & Productivity Program

The purpose of this training is to facilitate your employees with the know-how to stay on top of their tasks and accomplish more, prioritize and make better decisions, reduce procrastination and conflict.

Team Work & Engagement
Skill Program

The program is for managers to learn how to develop strategies and use tools to mobilize their employees energy at work and have them more engaged to achieve the business strategy through encouraging team work.

Crisis Management Skill

This program aims to support your team to develop a level of knowledge, skills and prepare for a contingency plan to deal with a crisis. This will include managing your resources and communication internally and externally.

Strategic Communication

The purpose of the training is to increase employee engagement, productivity and motivation whilst carrying out their daily tasks to meet the company’s mission, goals and objectives through learning how to plan execute and evaluate.

Creative Problem Solving & Strategic Thinking

We will provide you with certain tools and techniques to enable you to learn how to look at issues and ideas from a different angle and asses it to develop a plan or make a decision.

Emotional Intelligence For Team Excellence

This course will help you and your team to build a space where you can work together efficiently by creating a shared sense of empathy, and supporting each other through collaboration.

Debt Collections

The aim of the debt collection excellence course of this course is to provide participants with practical sessions and tools to manage their accounts receivable and improve their cash and working capital.

Essential Guide To
Social Compliance

Social compliance and managing risks is important to avoid impacting the quality of the end customer experience and safety procedures within the company.

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