Financial Accounting & Reporting Course

Duration of Class : 20 hours
Availability of Weekend and Weekday slots
Certified Instructor
Flexible schedules

Course Overview

With the rapid developments in accounting standards, regulations, and industry practices, individuals need continuous training in order to keep abreast. They also need to improve the quality of financial reporting by recording, reporting and disclosing regular and unusual business transactions.  

Financial Accounting & Reporting is a course prepared and facilitated by professionals who not only master the theoretical facts of academia but who also have a solid and practical background and experience with working with local and global companies. The program will provide you with financial details and information to enable you develop, read and understand financial and accounting sheets to take crucial decisions based on the financial performance and position of the company.

Course Breakdown

  • Developing and Reading Financial Statements for business decisions
  • Developing and Reading Income Statements
  • Developing and Reading Balance sheet and statement of owners’ equity
  • Developing and Reading Cash Flow Statement
  • Accounting adjustments
  • Developing and Reading Financial reporting for major accounts and transactions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of registering for a course at NADIA?

NADIA Training Institute has been the benchmark for professional training and certification in the Middle East for 40 years. We have built thousands of careers and developed skill sets with our government-approved and internationally accredited training. NADIA Training Institute Professional Certifications are widely recognized by employers in the region and can be used to enhance your job prospects, enrich your CV and build your career.

Why should I take professional training?

There are many reasons and benefits to upskilling or reskilling yourself with professional training. By improving your abilities and skills, you are more likely to stand out to an employer. You will also make yourself more marketable for new job roles and if you are currently working, improve your eligibility for job promotions. It is important to take professional training with an accredited institution that can offer you professional certifications that are recognizable by employers.

Will taking this course help me to get a job?

On completion of a training with NADIA, we can connect you to job vacancies from within our network. At anytime, you can register yourself and apply for jobs at

Does NADIA offer weekend and weekday classes?

Yes, we offer weekend and weekday classes based on students requirements. This may be planned with our training consultants at the time of course registration.

How can I pay for a course?

NADIA Training Institute supports several different payment methods and payment plans. Find out more by speaking to one of our training consultants.