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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching creates self-awareness, provides critical challenge and support, and helps drive transformational change within.

Our leadership coaching programs are suitable for anyone who wants to build coaching skills; improve trust, communication, and engagement with their team; or champion the development of a coaching culture within their organization.

By working in small groups led by a dedicated coach & mentor, participants at this leadership coaching training develop a personal communication and coaching style that works for them and their teams and learn a simple, practical, scalable coaching model.

Coaching leaders may sound strange, but in a study done of Fortune 1000 companies, 48% of leaders that underwent coaching exhibited an increase in work quality. This led to higher engagement and productivity, improving their effectiveness in leadership roles. Coaching also provides the outlet leaders need to motivate and inspire their team.

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Training Methods


Executive Coaching (1-2-1)

The quest for continual learning and development is one that sets apart good leaders from great leaders. Developing, refining, and improving skills isn’t something just for those starting out on their career path, rather it is something that benefits everyone, including those who have reached the very top of an organisation. Leadership assessments and executive coaching are integral tools in creating powerful leadership teams within an organisation.


Mid – Senior Professionals

Organisations need to be productive at every level. Leaders and executives can use coaching to ensure their time is being well spent and that they are delivering the biggest impact for their teams and results.  Executives might be working hard, but are they effective in managing teams based on their own blind spots or learning gaps. This is a question that needs exploring otherwise it could be costly for an organisation.

NADIA Global

Life & Career Clarity

Feel stuck in a career that doesn’t light you up but not sure exactly what you want next? You’re talented but under-fulfilled, and secretly (or not so secretly) not 100% engaged in your work right now. To your boss and colleagues, you’re still doing a great job, but you feel like you’re leaving potential on the table. You’ve outgrown your current position, and are craving the next challenge, and have started to worry that it might not be at this company or in this field. 

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Why choose NADIA for your coaching needs?

ICF certified Coaches and Mentors

CPCC Gold Standard at ICF qualified coaches