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VAT Training in Dubai

VAT Training in Dubai

Duration: 8 hours


VAT Training Course
VAT is implemented on 1 Jan 2018. Our Preparation for VAT course in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah will help you to learn the principles of VAT, and its impact on individuals and businesses in the UAE.
This course helps you understand how VAT works and who is likely to be affected by its implementation throughout the UAE, how to calculate VAT, who should Register for VAT, and what are the different types of goods and services on which VAT is applicable. 
Who should attend?
Professionals working in accounts or finance who wants to gain a clear insight into the impact and procedures of VAT. This course is suitable for anyone from accounts staff to finance managers and business owners, who are preparing for the transformation of their business as VAT is introduced throughout the GCC region. 
What you will learn?
  • VAT registration
  • How and when to account for VAT
  • The procedures of VAT calculations and VAT accounting
  • What is Output and Input VAT?
  • The applicable rates of VAT 
  • Exempted goods and services
  • Partial exemption rules for businesses 
  • VAT treatment of import and export, 
  • The commercial implications of VAT on businesses
  • Generating and maintaining VAT documentation
  • Submission of VAT returns



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