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VAT Audit Course


Duration: 8 Hours

  • Main concerns of the vat audit
  • Auditor check in terms of compliance.
  • Auditor check in terms of record keeping
  • Vat consultant is not available or able to tackle the auditor.
  • Challenges in your industry  and focused as part of audit .
  • Synchronization with suppliers and customers and third party documents
  • Treatment and valuation of assets and expenses for tax purpose
  • Invoicing and synchronization of old records
  • Over under invoicing
  • Non registrations or registrations in the mid year .
  • Audit concerns in undocumented business,
  • Audit concerns in real estate, hospitality, entertainment industry, brokerage business, travel and tourism, education and training, healthcare, import and export, rental industry, oil and gas, fmcg, banking / financial institutions, non banking financial institutions, contracting , courier, transportation, investments, f&b, insurance , not for profit, government, telecom, freezones and others.
  • Benefits of reconciliations,
  • Undocumented sales procurement and expenses.
  • Which instances maybe categorised as evasion and which will be categorised as Mistakes and relavant penalities.
  • Answering your intuitive questions/concerns that may become a reality in form of penalties


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