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UAE VAT Implementation

UAE VAT Implementation

Duration: 9 hours

VAT Implementation and Consulting Training 
NADIA Training institute is providing VAT implementation Training and VAT consulting Training to clients in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah by evaluating the business and how to prepare for VAT in UAE.
VAT Course Objective
  1. VAT preparation, training and consulting 
  2. VAT implementation support
  3. Post implementation support, including assistant with registration and filing VAT returns
VAT Training 
The typical VAT Training course covers the following topics: 
  1. Introduction to VAT 
  2. Economic Impact of VAT
  3. GCC points on VAT
  4. GCC unified agreement on VAT 
  5. Output and Input VAT 
  6. Key Concepts – Standard, Exempted, Zero rated 
  7. VAT invoice 
  8. Record keeping 
  9. Registration and Responsibilities 
  10. Common Errors in VAT calculation 
  11. Fines, Penalties and Audits 
  12. Excise and VAT 
  13. Cash flow Consideration 
  14. Advanced VAT – Partial Exemption 
  15. Advanced VAT – VAT Groups 
  16. Advanced VAT – Reverse Charging 
  17. Advanced VAT – bad Debt Treatment 
  18. Malaysia VAT Experience 
  19. VAT Implementation Process
VAT Implementation Training
  1. Completion of VAT registration 
  2. Review of operational, accounting and system changes required
  3. Detailed report on how the VAT law specially affects your business 
  4. Optimal strategy recommendation on profitability and cash flow perspective
  5. Staff VAT training 
  6. Full project management of VAT implementation 
  7. Completion of first VAT return
  8. Post implementation support 


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