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Time Management


Duration: 10 Hours

The time management course is designed to enable delegates to clearly identify work related and personal time wasters and generate ways to overcome them, to identify key priorities and goals in life and work, to introduce delegates to practical tools to use at work and ensure that they make time to focus on priority tasks, to assist candidates to develop a more proactive approach at work and to learn the import rules of time management.
The Foundation
  • Your motivation
  • Hold Backs
  • Time is tangible
  • Time logs
Time and work behavior
  • How well do you plan your time?
  • The WADE formula
  • To do Lists
  • Body clock and prime time
Goal Setting
  • Importance of objective setting
  • Types of goals
  • Goal planner
Time Planning Techniques
  • Habits of effective time managers
  • Prioritizing
  • Delegation
Time Wasters
  • Self generated and Environmental
  • The art of saying no
  • Dealing with paperwork
  • Phone calls
  • Procrastination


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