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Tally training in Abu Dhabi

Tally training in Abu Dhabi

Duration: 15

Course Outline:
Basic of Accounting
•     Accounting Principles - Concepts and Conventions
•     Double Entry System
•     Rules of Accounting
•     Mode of Accounting
•     Financial Statements
Manual Accounting
•     Voucher System
•     General Journal
•     General Ledger
•     Cash Book
•     Trial Balance
•     Profit & Loss Accounts
Computerize Accounting
•     Introduction to Tally ERP.9
•     Overview of Tally ERP.9
•     Why Tally ERP.9
•     Installation of Tally ERP.9
Gateway of Tally ERP.9
•     Introduction with gateway of Tally
•     Company Features
•     A/C only & A/C with inventory features
Maintain Company Data
•     Creating Company
•     Creating Masters
•     Vouchers Entry
•     Accounting Vouchers & Inventory Vouchers
•     Inventory Management
Purchase Cycle
•     Purchase Request
•     Purchase Order
•     Good Receipt Note


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