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Revit Architecture

Revit Architecture

Duration: 30 hours

This Revit Architecture course provides training for the popular architecture design tool from Autodesk. Beginner, intermediate and advanced users will learn the core functions of Revit, BIM and much more with this comprehensive set of courses.

·         Building Planning – Architects can utilize AutoCAD Revit Architecture to completely plan out every aspect of a building, including walls, stairs, railings, doors and roofs. This will ensure that the entire building comes together in a cohesive way that conforms to the specifications of the project.

·         Site Planning – A well-planned site is essential for a safely constructed building, and this Revit Architecture course can show users how to map out a site complete with property lines, elevation and parking components. By creating a 3D model of a site, architects can plan exactly how to proceed with the construction of a building.

·         Project Management – For architects that are planning a complete building project, AutoCAD Revit Architecture can provide them with tools for scheduling, planning out materials and more. This Revit Architecture course shows users how to manage a complete building project, from the basics of planning to more in-depth organization tools.