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JavaScript Essentials


Duration: 10 hours

Learn the basics of the popular Java language in this introductory course
  • Build Awesome Websites With HTML & CSS 
  • Know and Use the Foundations of HTML
  • Know and Use the Foundations of CSS
  • Understand how HTML & CSS Work Together
  • Learn how to create variables, objects and Arrays
  • Explore functions how local and global scope work and how to return values and pass arguments into functions
  • See how to apply logic with conditions and ternary statements
  • Save time with loops do while and for loops
  • Interact with your web elements connect via the Document Object Model
Course content:
  • JS Tutorial, HOME
  • JS Introduction, Where To
  • JS Output, Syntax
  • JS Statements, Comments
  • JS Variables, Operators
  • JS Arithmetic, Assignment
  • JS Data Types, Functions
  • JS Objects, Scope
  • JS Events, Strings
  • JS String Methods, Numbers
  • JS Number Methods, Math, DatesJS Date Formats, Date Methods
  • JS Arrays, Array Methods
  • JS Booleans, Comparisons
  • JS Conditions, Switch
  • JS Loop For, Loop While
  • JS Break, Type Conversion
  • JS RegExp, Errors
  • JS Debugging, Hoisting
  • JS Strict Mode, Style Guide
  • JS Best Practices, Mistakes
  • JS Performance, Reserved Words, JSON


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