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Internship Programs

Internship Programs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah
Know More about the Benefits of Internship Programs in Dubai
An internship programs is an opportunity for students to groom their theoretical knowledge and apply it in the real world. It involves working for a specified number of hours for a fixed duration. Some organisations offer remuneration, known as a stipend, to their interns.
These internship programs may vary from one week to a year (or even more in rare circumstances) depending on the company’s profile and work model. Some organisations or training institutes provide internship programs where candidates can earn while they learn. They also obtain internship certificates at the end of the program. The candidates acquire valuable skills in a real business environment to get acclimatised with the challenges offered by the challenging real world scenarios.
Internship programs harness the inner qualities of the candidates enabling them to overcome their weaknesses and making them proficient enough to cope with the challenges of full-time employment.
Benefits of Internship Programs
There are many advantages of internship programs for the candidate to groom their skills. Internship programs will help you to:
  • Gain work experience and skills: The candidate pursuing internship programs gets an opportunity to gain relevant work experience and develop the necessary skills in their chosen field. This training prepares you to cope with the markets’ demands.
  • Experience a prospective path for success: The candidate can see their academic knowledge in practical forms and carve their own understanding of important concepts.
  • Gain practical experience: The candidate can gain the practical knowledge from the internship programs. They can make necessary and important decisions which were all merely theoretical until now.
  • Develop new skills: The candidate can build new skills and learn his weaknesses and strengths and try to overcome their shortcoming. Ask relevant questions, solve problems and learn new lessons in every situation.
  • Gain confidence in ability: The candidate, after an internship program, develops confidence in their abilities that make them stronger and well-equipped to tackle any situation.
The internship training programs are offered by various institutes operating in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE. They offer these programs for undergraduates, graduates, and freshers. Many companies may also provide employment opportunities to interns upon completion of their academic programs or internship periods.
NADIA Internship Training Program – Is a career enhancement on-job training program conducted at NADIA training institute, there is a cost involved. This program is a professional platform for students who are facing various challenges. This internship program is beneficial for:
  • Fresh graduates looking for on-job short-term training
  • Those who are new to the UAE seeking professional break-through
  • Professionals who have had a long-career gap
  • Experienced professionals looking for change in their profession
By completing this program, students will not only benefit from work experience, they will also be qualified to receive a work experience reference letter from NADIA.
What is paid internship?
Students are paid in the form of a stipend. Stipends are typically a fixed amount of money that is paid on a regular basis by the employers. NADIA is not offering such service.
To know more about our Internship training program, course fee and duration. Please contact us -8002566.


Duration: 1 month