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Internet Marketing and SEO

Internet Marketing and SEO

Duration: 20 Hours

Internet Marketing and SEO
Web site visibility, the ease with which potential customers or visitors can find a web site amongst a myriad of competitors, is perhaps the most crucial factor in a sites success. Web visibility is not merely a question of search engine optimisation (SEO), there is a great deal more to it than that, as this training course demonstrates.
In the first instance, this course offers a wide-ranging yet comprehensive overview into the world of Internet Marketing, examining many of the most effective methods for utilising the power of the Internet to conduct successful corporate and business marketing communications and is ideal for those who wish to gain a far greater understanding of the world of online marketing and the opportunities that are available.
Furthermore, this course also teaches a broad understanding of search engine optimisation, focusing on how your choice of keywords and keyphrases have a direct bearing in your search engine rankings. All of the most relevant topics are explored in depth, offering a coherent overview of this complex sphere, demystifying much of the technical jargon in the process.
Subjects examined include: email marketing and banner advertising, search engines and directories, rich media and video marketing, online PR and news, social media and social networking, and pay-per-click advertising, as well as detailing several of the more established and effective techniques utilised by web designers and developers in order to achieve successful search engine optimisation and ‘organic’ search engine listings, such as:
* Highlighting common web design features which actually harm site visibility.
* Detailing user-friendly and search engine-friendly design alternatives.
* Outlining promotional techniques which do not involve search engine optimisation, but which ultimately enhance search engine rank.
* Explaining when and where to put keywords and phrases to make them count.
* Exposing the myths, misconceptions and half-truths surrounding search engine optimisation, distinguishing between what works, what works well, and what could never work at all.
Many organisations have well-designed and functional sites, but they do not always generate the revenue expected. This course provides an excellent overview of the wealth of Internet Marketing techniques available to online businesses to maximise their online earning potential, as well as explaining the practicalities of how to make your pages more attractive to visitors and search engines alike. The ultimate goal of this course is to ensure that you are realising the greatest potential for your website both now and in the years to come.
  • Search Engines & Directories
  • Keywords & Writing for Search Engines
  • Additional Tactics
  • The Web Positioning & Submission Process
  • Key Directories & Search Engines
  • Resources




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