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Financial Analysis Program


Duration: 20 hours

Program Overview:
To understand a corporate you need to be able to analyse its financial decisions and performances. Financial planning and analysis expertise is in great demand for high-growth progressive companies. Learn to guide your employer's company to optimum financial performance with the Certificate Program in Financial Planning and Analysis.
With our Financial Analysis Program, you can further strengthen your foundational understanding of the global financial analysis industry. It will take you through the entire process of defining a financial statement, unravelling the mysteries and myths of finance on the way, enabling you to unearth the hidden interpretations of these statements. Gain an understanding of the analytical underpinnings of economic decision making to work in the high-growth area of corporate financial planning and analysis, financial controls, and budgeting.
In addition to learning how to interpret accounting results and formulate growth strategies based on sound analytical principles, you examine the latest analytical techniques that industry executives use to shape their companies' future plans. Further instruction enables you to focus on accounting or planning to meet your career goals.


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