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Executive PA Training

Executive PA Training

Duration: 30 Hours

Executive PA Training in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah

"The goal of every CEO or Leader is to have their organization run like a well-oiled machine," and to accomplish that they need to have an efficient Assistant by their side, like a co-pilot in the cockpit. Hiring a talented Executive Assistant is one of the most important decisions a leader will make."


Administrative professionals and executive assistants often see themselves in their support roles as being “non-leaders”. You may not be the CEO or VP of the company, but you are still a leader so continue to lead.


Here are some skills an Executive Assistant must have:


· Thorough understanding of the business strategy

· Flexibility

· Positive Mindset & Body Language

· Effective Communication

· Computer literacy

· Excellent writing abilities

· Pro-activity

· Operating effectively and efficiently

· Being a natural problem solver

· Being a rigorous planner

· Being a strong influencer

· Strong Interpersonal Skills


Join this course and polish your skills with the help of a market expert 


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