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Customer Service Training Courses

Customer Service Training Courses

Duration: 10 Hours

Customer service is sometimes the only way a business can differentiate itself from its competitors. It isn’t just about the way you greet and serve your customers; it involves many aspects of business operations. Quality customer service is about exceeding the expectations of your customers and really focusing on their needs and expectations.
This interactive course will include a number of activities and role plays to give participants the opportunity to practice the skills they have learnt, while in a friendly environment.
Customer Service Course Contents
  • Who is a customer?
  • What is customer service?
Competition in customer service
  • Importance of customer service
  • Customer needs and wants
  • Benefits of probing
  • Types of questions
Types of customers
  • Loyal Customer
  • Need based customers
  • Wandering customers
  • Discount customers
  • Impulse customers
  • Aggressive customers
  • Tips to handle aggressive customers
Effective communication
  • Tips for effective communication
  • Communication barriers First Impression
  • Creating a good first impression
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Handling complaints
  • Feedback
  • Benefits of customer feedback
  • Responding appropriately
  • Using empathy
  • Rapport building
  • Taking ownership
  • Culture
Service NO
  • Golden Rules to saying NO
  • Customer service language – Do’s and Don’ts
Competencies Addressed:
By the end of this course participants will have the skills to communicate effectively with customers, resolve problems and build relationships whilst understanding the difference between internal and external customers and the importance of each.