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Duration: 10 hours

Learn to design and develop aesthetic websites
  • Build Awesome Websites With HTML & CSS 
  • Know and Use the Foundations of HTML
  • Know and Use the Foundations of CSS
  • Understand how HTML & CSS Work Together
  • Learn how to create variables, objects and Arrays
  • Explore functions how local and global scope work and how to return values and pass arguments into functions
  • See how to apply logic with conditions and ternary statements
  • Save time with loops do while and for loops
  • Interact with your web elements connect via the Document Object Model
Course content:
  • CSS HOME, Introduction
  • CSS Syntax, How To
  • CSS Colors, Backgrounds
  • CSS Borders, Margins
  • CSS Padding, Height/Width
  • CSS Text, Fonts
  • CSS Links, Lists
  • CSS Tables, Box Model
  • CSS Outline, Display
  • CSS Max-width, Position, Float
  • CSS Inline-block, Align, Combinators
  • CSS Pseudo-class, Pseudo-element
  • CSS Navigation Bar, Dropdowns
  • CSS Tooltips, Image Gallery
  • CSS Image Opacity, Sprites
  • CSS Attr Selectors, Forms, Counters


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