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C Programming Course

C Programming Course

Duration: 20

C Programming Course in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

C Programming Training course at NADIA Training institute will teach you to program the C Programming from the ground up. You will learn everything from the very fundamentals of programming right through to the complexities of pointers, addresses and File IO. All content of Course is designed topic wise based on every important features of 'C' language. This C Programming Training is developed with many practical examples which allow the beginner to learn 'C' easily. Complete course is focused on learning with practical examples and simple theory using Integrated Development Environment. So, learn 'C' Course to emerge as a good developer in IT Industry. 

C Programming Training Objectives

·         Importance of 'C' Language in programming.

·         Major features of 'C' Language and their implementation with IDE.

·         Each and every concept of 'C' Language in Theory and Practice.

·         Essentials such as programming techniques & Decision Making Statements.

·         To write logic by using Looping mechanisms.

·         Learn reusability through Functions.

·         Develop applications using Console Based Mechanisms.

·         Write programs using Arrays.

·         Understand functionality of Arrays and Pointers.

·         Learn dynamic allocation of memory using Pointers.

·         Develop an ability to read and write data from files.

·         Learn the use of Pre-Processor Directives in a 'C' program.

·         Learn how to use Command Line Arguments.

Course Outline

C - Home

C - Overview

C - Environment Setup

C - Program Structure

C - Basic Syntax

C - Data Types

C - Variables

C - Constants

C - Storage Classes

C - Operators

C - Decision Making

C - Loops

C - Functions

C - Scope Rules

C - Arrays

C - Pointers

C - Strings

C - Structures

C - Unions

C - Bit Fields

C - Typedef

C - Input & Output

C - File I/O

C - Preprocessors

C - Header Files

C - Type Casting

C - Error Handling

C - Recursion

C - Variable Arguments

C - Memory Management

C - Command Line Arguments


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