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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Fundamentals


Duration: 10 hours

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency technology are making a new reality in the way people and firms are doing business and exchanging value. Even regulated exchanges such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Board Options Exchange are now offering bitcoin cryptocurrency contracts. This is a significant development as institutions and individuals are now be able to invest in cryptocurrencies since they are traded on a centralized exchange.
On June 30th, 2018, there were over 1500 crypto tokens with a market cap of over 256 billion US Dollars. That is higher than many big-brand international businesses such as AT&T and Nestle, and even PetroChina.
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency course is designed to provide attendees with a wide-ranging understanding of the cryptocurrency sector as well as the underlying technology that runs blockchain.
What you will learn in this NADIA Global - Blockchain Training Course?
Module 1: Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and History of Money.
Module 2: Introduction to Blockchain Technology.
Module 3: Cryptocurrency Mining, Consensus, and Validation.
Module 4: Crypto-Portfolio Design and Management.
Module 5: Methods and Tools of Cryptocurrency Storage.
Module 6: Cryptocurrency Regulations and Risks.
Module 7: Initial Public Offerings (ICOs) Design and Implementation.
Module 8: Type of Brokers, Exchanges, and Trading Resources.
Who should take this Blockchain Training Course?
Anyone hoping to overhaul their profession and benefit from the expanding blockchain trend should opt for this training.
What are the Blockchain openings for work in Dubai?
Dubai is acutely focused on developing its position as a blockchain leader in the Middle Eastern economy.   It possesses an immense desire to dominate new innovations like blockchain. 


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