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Blockchain and Crypto-Assets For Business


Duration: 16 Hours

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing virtually every sector of the global economy. The technology, which acquired its genesis a few months after the global financial crisis, is rapidly being adopted by industries beyond the financial service industry. The extent of the disruption is present in most of the vital industries, including banking, government operations healthcare, supply chain, utilities, and many more.
Course Objective
Learn how blockchain technology is changing the business and industry as well as how it is transforming the traditional relationship between service buyers and providers.
Who Should Attend this training program?
- C-Level executives
- Middle management
- Consultant & advisors
- Board members
- Government officials
- IT managers & engineers
What you will learn in this NADIA- Blockchain & Crypto-Assets Course?
Day 1
Introduction to Blockchain Basics
- The genesis of blockchain: cryptocurrencies
- Difference between blockchain and cryptos
- blockchain spectrum of uses
- Public vs. private blockchain systems
- Blockchain vs. cloud computing
- Enterprise blockchain providers
Type of Blockchain Networks
- Cryptography of blockchain
- Structure of blockchain
- Fundamentals of decentralized systems
Global Trends in Block Chain Uses
- Blockchain and banking & Financial Services
- Blockchain and Healthcare Industry
- Blockchain and Supply-Chain Industry
- Blockchain and identity
- Current projects around the world
- Blockchain and Utilities Industry
Blockchain Deployment Considerations
- Regulatory and compliance implications
- Data privacy
- Operational concerns
- Data standards
- Blockchain data insights
- Scalability
- Blockchain system security
Day 2
Introduction to Tokenization
- Cryptocurrencies vs. crypto tokens
- Notable crypto projects
- What is mining and how to do it
- Overview of mining tools
- Type of crypto wallets
- Overview of crypto exchanges
Blockchain in Industry (Case Uses)
- Blockchain & IOT
- Peer-to-peer transactional banking
- Global case uses
- Service providers and vendors
Blockchain Systems and Networks
- How to build a blockchain system
- The science of smart contracts
- Consensus and proof of work
- Types of Blockchain Systems
- Basic coding and code example
Value Proposition of Blockchain
- The economic impact of the blockchain
- Blockchain and capacity Utilization
- Smart contracts applications
After Course Activity & Group Engagement:
Focus Groups:
Prior to the completion of the course the group will be divided into small focus groups with the directive to research and analyze their local commercial communities to identify and discuss potential needs and opportunities for the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


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