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Duration: 20 hours

AutoCAD Training in Dubai, Abu Dhabi
This AutoCAD 2D course is designed for professionals who are getting started with using AutoCAD for 2D design work. 2D AutoCAD training is provided on the world’s most widely used and fully featured drafting software “Autodesk software”.
The AutoCAD course will give candidates foundation knowledge in the use of this powerful drafting software that is used across multiple designs, architectural and engineering companies worldwide.
After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand the AutoCAD environment and understand CAD drawing scale.
  • Effectively move around a drawing, controlling AutoCAD’s display.
  • Use AutoCAD’s drafting tools for creating 2D geometry.
  • Organize information in your drawing using layers and blocks.
  • Annotate your drawing with text and dimensions.
  • Output your drawings using different printing and plotting options.
  • Launching AutoCAD
  • The Working Environment
  • Navigating AutoCAD
  • Working with AutoCAD Files
  • Dynamic Input
  • Displaying AutoCAD Objects
  • Dashboard
  • Basic Drawing Functionality
  • Data Input
  • Creating Basic Objects
  • Object Tracking
  • Polar Tracking
  • Object Snaps
  • ACAD Function Keys


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