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Revit Structure Training

Revit Structure Training

Duration: 30 hours

Revit Structure Training in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

NADIA Training Institute offers Autodesk Revit Structure Training in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for beginners, intermediates and advanced users demonstrating both basic and more in-depth features of the software. Lessons include everything from getting started in the application to managing projects, collaboration and more.
 · Building Components – Autodesk Revit Structure allows users to perform structural design and analysis by modeling buildings using the basic components of walls and a foundation. This Revit Structure course teaches users fundamentals of building components, as well as the more advanced techniques of modeling with columns, beams, braces and more.
 · Views – Revit Structure users can learn how to create plan views, framing elevation views, drafting views and other views of designs in order to completely model structures. This Revit Structure Course also shows users how to work with visual styles and understand visibility graphics and overrides when creating structural drawings.
 · Presentation – This Revit Structure course help users to improve the presentation of their structural designs and drawings by introducing print settings, legends, text annotation, design options and more. Users can also employ collaboration tools, 3D views, project browsers and other tools to present projects in a professional and efficient way.
Courseware description
This courseware covers the basics the Revit Structure, from schematic design through construction documentation. Participants are introduced to the concepts of Building information Modelling and the tools for parametric design and documentation.
Course Objectives: After completing this class, you will be able to:
Describe the benefits of Building Information Modeling
Use the fundamental features of Revit Structure
Use the parametric 3D design tools for creating and analyzing projects
Develop a level of comfort and confidence with Revit Structure through hand-on experience
Who Should Attend:
This courseware is designed for any new user of Revit Structure.
No previous CAD experience is necessary. However, Architectural design, drafting, or engineering experience is useful. Participants should have an understanding of the common computer programs like Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows 7.
Assessment Tests:
Create the Building model from linking CAD formats (100%).
Introduction to Revit
- What is Autodesk Revit?
- What is Building Information Modelling?
- What is Autodesk Revit Structure?
- The Revit interface
- System Requirements for Revit
- Element of Autodesk Revit Structure
- Autodesk Revit Structure Procedure
- Autodesk Revit for AutoCAD Users
- Difference Between Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD
True 3D design
Parametric Objects
Families vs. Blocks
No Command Line or Layers
Single file, Multi-User projects
Producing Paper Drawings
Creating a Project
•                     Creating a Project Using a Template
•                     Entering Project Information
Using Information from Other Sources
•                     Importing or Linking CAD Formats
Preliminary Design
Levels and Grids
•                     Levels
•                     Grids 
Building The Model Foundations
•                     Adding Isolated Foundations
•                     Creating Structural Columns
•                     Creating Beams
•                     Adding Floors
•                     Creating Structure Walls
Placing Doors
•                     Placing Windows
•                     Creating Stairs
Structure Roof
•                     Adding Reference Plane
•                     Specify the work plane
•                     Creating rafter
•                     Creating purlin
Reinforcement Tools Rebar Cover
•                     Rebar Cover References
•                     Editing Rebar Cover
•                     Modifying Rebar Cover Settings
Rebar Shapes
•                     Placing Rebar Shapes in a Host
–        Adding Rebar to a Foundation
–        Adding Rebar to a Column
–        Adding Rebar to a Beam
–        Plane Placement of Rebar in Structure Floors
–        Plane Placement of Rebar in Walls
Rebar Type Properties
Rebar Hooks
•                     Rebar Hook Definitions
Document the Project
?D Views
Plan Views
•                     Creating a Plan View
Elevation Views
•                     Creating an Elevation View
Section Views
•                     Creating a Section View
Callout Views
•                     Creating a Callout View
3D Views
Perspective ?D Views
•                     Creating a Perspective 3D View
Schedules Overview
•                     Types of Schedules
Schedules or Quantity
•                     Creating a Schedule or Quantity
Specifying Schedule Properties
•                     Fields tab
•                     Filter tab
•                     Sorting/Grouping tab
•                     Formatting tab
Appearance tab Foundations
Schedule Example Reusing
Schedule Views
•                     Saving Schedule Views to an External Project
•                     Inserting Schedule Views from Another Project
•                     Aligned Dimensions
•                     Linear Dimensions
•                     Angular Dimensions
•                     Radial Dimensions
•                     Diameter Dimensions
•                     Arc Length Dimensions
•                     Spot Elevations
•                     Spot Coordinates
•                     Spot Slopes
Text Notes
•                     Adding Text Notes
•                     Specifying Arrowhead Styles
•                     Differences Between Keynoting and Tagging a Material
•                     Types of Keynotes
•                     Placing a Keynotes
•                     Loading Tag Styles
•                     Applying a Tag By Category
•                     Tag All Not Tagged
•                     Material Tags
•                     Adding Symbols
Detailing Overview
•                     Type of View for Detailing
Detail Views
•                     Creating a Detail View
Drafting Views
•                     Creating a Drafting View
•                     Importing a View From Another CAD Program
•                     Inserting a Drafting View from Another Project
Detail Component
•                     Inserting a Detail Component
Detail Lines
Filled Region
Preparing Construction Documents
•                     Adding a Sheet
Title Blocks
•                     Creating a Title Block
•                     Adding a Revision Schedule to a Custom Title Block
•                     Creating a Viewport Type
Sheet Lists
•                     Creating a Sheet List
•                     Entering Revision Information
•                     Revision Cloud Numbering by Project or by Sheet