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Revit Structure

Revit Structure

Duration: 30 hours

This Autodesk Revit Structure offers training and tutorials for beginners, intermediates and advanced users demonstrating both basic and more in-depth features of the software. Lessons include everything from getting started in the application to managing projects, collaboration and more.

 · Building Components – Autodesk Revit Structure allows users to perform structural design and analysis by modeling buildings using the basic components of walls and a foundation. This Revit Structure course teaches users fundamentals of building components, as well as the more advanced techniques of modeling with columns, beams, braces and more.

 · Views – Revit Structure users can learn how to create plan views, framing elevation views, drafting views and other views of designs in order to completely model structures. This Revit Structure Course also shows users how to work with visual styles and understand visibility graphics and overrides when creating structural drawings.

 · Presentation – This Revit Structure course help users to improve the presentation of their structural designs and drawings by introducing print settings, legends, text annotation, design options and more. Users can also employ collaboration tools, 3D views, project browsers and other tools to present projects in a professional and efficient way.