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AutoCAD Electrical

AutoCAD Electrical

Duration: 30 hours

This AutoCAD Electrical course teaches how to create and manage projects, create and edit various electrical drawings, develop reports within the application and output data, and customize the application to your own design requirements.

·         Schematic Components – This AutoCAD Electrical course is useful to understand schematic wiring, schematic editing and other schematic components. This allows users to discover how to insert and trim wires, insert signal arrows, learn about terminals, create schematic reports and more.

·         Panels – AutoCAD Electrical users can use the tools included in the software to create panel layouts, which allows them to see a full diagram of the electrical panel. With this AutoCAD Electrical course show users how to use the features of the terminal strip editor to create fully functional panel layout diagrams.

·         Advanced Tools – To understand how to make use of the more advanced features and functionalities of AutoCAD Electrical, this course provides a comprehensive look at a variety of miscellaneous tools in the software. This includes showing users how to add wire data to footprints, add cable markers, use the circuit builder and more.