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AutoCAD 3D

AutoCAD 3D

Duration: 20 hours

In this AutoCAD 3D training course you will discover how to leverage the powerful 3D tools that are available in this computer aided design software from Autodesk

By the completion of this course, you will be fully comfortable with creating, editing, rendering and presenting fully featured 3D model projects.

The Prerequisites

You should be well versed with AutoCAD software or may have previously attended a 2D CAD course but most other 3D courses are suitable for new users.

“Our instructors are practicing professionals in architectural engineering and/or construction firms. They have developed projects for our courses which are based on real – world architectural and engineering projects.”

3D CAD training courses include but are not limited to:

  • 3D views, perspectives, and tools in AutoCAD
  • Controlling the visual style
  • Working with tiled viewports
  • Composing perspective views
  • Drawing in 3D
  • Modeling an Ionic column
  • Documenting 3D models
  • Creating dynamic slideshows, animations, and renderings




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