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Arabic Communication Skills


Duration: 30 hours


Arabic Language Training in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah

The Arabic Communication Skills course covers a wide range of everyday situations and teaches an active vocabulary of over 500 words. The course presents topical useful and stimulating exercises to get participants to actually use the Arabic language to converse. The course uses native Arabic speaker to with a vast amount of experience in teaching the Arabic language to novices.  It covers everyday situations, providing the participants with a thorough knowledge of the language, this course will enable the participants to read, speak and write with a reasonable amount of fluency.
  • The Alphabets – Vowels and consonants
  • Numbers
  • Different Sounds of the Arabic Language – How to pronounce and master them
  • Numbers and dates in the Arabic – Speaking & writing
Arabic Grammar
  • Pronouns: Subject and Object Pronouns
  • The Adjective: Male and Female
  • Framing Negative Sentences
  • Framing Interrogative Sentences
Arabic Vocabulary 
  • Mini – Dictionary
Arabic Conversational Skills
  • Talking about yourself
  • Introductions
  • Enquiring for information
  • Interacting with various nationalities using Arabic – Learn to ask and answer questions with other Arabic speaking persons
  • Giving opinions using the Arabic language
  • Asking different questions using the Arabic language
  • Learn to talk about yourself, your family, your country etc in Arabic
  • Framing an offer using the Arabic language
  • Framing Apologies
  • Numerous other everyday useful conversations
Arabic Reading Skills
Arabic Writing Skills


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