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3ds MAX

3ds MAX

Duration: 30 hours

This 3ds Max course will teach 3ds Max tools for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, compositing and pre-production planning. Users will learn how to apply materials and light scenes, animate cameras and objects, and assemble short sequences.

 •Lighting- This 3ds Max course is useful to discover techniques for properly lighting scenes, by using natural daylight, photometric lights, streetlights or other forms of light. By using the lighting analysis tools included in the software, users can create a more realistic and accurate scene.

 •Animation- By working with 2D and 3D objects, Autodesk 3DS Max users can discover how to animate scenes and create realistic models and images. This 3ds Max course will show users how to animate scenes by positioning cameras, using sequential images, applying paths and employing other animation techniques.

 •Output- This 3ds Max course can also help users to completely assemble full scenes using specific materials, lighting and effects, and then output them for presentation. Users can learn how to create presentations that include lighting analysis, particle effects, transitions, layers and other advanced tools and techniques