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Technical Support FAQ

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Vista and above; Mac OSX 10.6 and above Computer/Processor: 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or above; AMD Athlon 3800+ or above; 2GB System RAM or above Consistent Internet Connection above 1.5Mbps Download Screen resolution of (1024 x 768) or higher with 128MB of Video Memory (VRAM) The latest versions of Adobe Flash Player Plugin(*)(**) The latest Java JRE installed for interactive labs & RealPractice.com labs * Internet Explorer on Windows 8 and 8.1 comes with Adobe Flash Player Integrated; Updates to the player are available via Windows Update. It is always recommended to keep your computer Operating System and applications fully up-to-date. ** Google Chrome browser also now comes with Adobe Flash Player Integrated, to update the player simply update Chrome.

Supported Browsers:

Windows: Internet Explorer 8 and above, Firefox 18.0 and above, Google Chrome Mac OSX: Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome iPhone, iPad, iPod: Safari Only

Recommended Browser Settings:

In order for Lab simulations to function correctly it is necessary to add (*.videotrainer.com) as an exception for pop-up blockers. All modern browser offer this option instead of having to disable pop-up blockers. It can usually be found under your browsers options or security settings. The following items may interfere with training and it is recommend to disable them during your training session or use an alternative browser just for training. Third-party browser toolbars installed (i.e. Google toolbar, Ask toolbar, Bing Bar) Ad blocking extensions/plugins/add-ons for your browser (example: Ad Block Plus) Script blocking extensions/plugins/add-ons (example: noScript) If you have any of the above mentioned items running, disable or close them accordingly and then try launching the training again.

Training on Mobile Devices:

As our training products evolve we plan to include support for as many mobile devices as possible. Currently we only support Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. No extra App is required, simply log on to your training like you normally would. Note Adobe Flash is not required for Apple devices.

I had to quit in the middle of a video, how do I remember where I left off?

All items viewed thus far are marked by a bullet.

How is my progress tracked while viewing Video Based Training?

Progress is tracked by the amount of items completed overall in a class Module or class Unit.

Training on Multiple Devices:

When Training on multiple devices, in order for progress and scores to be tracked properly, you must logout of one device before you continue training on a second device. If a proper logout is not performed loss of progress or incorrect progress/scores may be recorded. These cannot be manually changed and you will have to revisit each video briefly and retake the quiz.

Technical Support FAQ

When I click on Launch Course The window that pops-up has a blue background and a button to download Adobe Flash Player, but I already have it installed. How can I fix this?

This issue has been corrected and should not happen anymore, however if you experience this, it is related to the URL (web Address) you are using to login. Please make sure you are using the correct login URL that was provided to you in your welcome email. If you need further assistance contact training@nadia-training.com.

Im trying to reset my password but the email never arrives, or the link has become invalid.

In the case that the email doesnt arrive, be sure to check spam and junk folders and confirm you are using the Forgot my Password feature from http://{PortalName}.videotrainer.com{AccountName}, where PortalName and AccountName correspond to your login URL. If the link has become invalid please send a request to reset your password to training@nadia-training.com be sure to include your user name.

Internet Explorer can play training videos using Flash, but recently installed Firefox cant. Why?

Firefox requires a separate download for Adobe Flash Player Plugin. Install from Adobe web site using Firefox. (http://www.adobe.com/) Verify in Tools > Options > Main > Manage Add-ons > Plug-ins. You should see Shockwave Flash (version #) installed. NOTE: Shockwave is a legacy name, this is the Adobe Flash Plugin.

I use Google (Yahoo, AVG security, Symantec, etc.) toolbar in my IE browser. Is this a problem for on-line training?

3rd party toolbars are known to interfere with application feedback and have to be disabled for the duration of training. Example: Student score is not recorded in the presence of Google, Yahoo or other toolbars and status of the module is not updated since these toolbars use a built-in pop-up blocker.

How do I get my progress tracker to update on iPad, iPod or iPhone?

Check to make sure you are using Safari Browser, then when launching a course make sure to leave the student page open. Once you complete your module simply close the tab and the student page will automatically refresh with your progress and quiz score.

My Progress Tracker is stuck just under 100%. How can I fix this?

You have to review (at least briefly) all the Videos, Demos, Student Manuals/Workbooks, and labs. The Progress Tracker is a percentage of all viewed items. The PT status will change to complete" after all the items are viewed. All viewed items have a blue or red dot next to the title and should remain there until you clear your browser cache. The PT status will again change to "passed" once a passing score is achieved on the review quiz.

My progress and quiz scores are not being recorded. Why?

Your progress and quiz score are sent to the system only when using the Quit link on the right side of the training window. Mobile devices behave differently, please see the FAQs regarding those devices for more information.

I trained all night, left my browser open, then came back in the morning to take the quiz. I passed and used the Quit button but my progress and quiz score wasnt recorded. Why?

Our application has a student session timeout of 8 Hours. Once that session has timed out - The student score is not recorded and status of the module is not updated with the server If youre unsure if a timeout has been exceeded, it is advised that you logoff and then login to continue training.

I answered all 10 questions of a quiz and clicked the "Quit" button as instructed, but my score wasnt recorded. Why?

The page that displays the last question (often 10/10) is not the point when the application generates a score. Students should click the "Next" button after answering the last question to see the "Assessment" results. The score will be generated at this point. Clicking "Quit" at this point sends the score to the training server.

What happens if I use the Windows "X" button to close my browser while the session is still active?

A student should close the course-module using the "Quit" button on the right hand side of the control interface. This will return control to the browser session. A student should close a session using the "Logout" option in the upper right corner on the title bar. Closing the video pop-up window and browser using Windows "X" could lead to loss of student progress.

I accidentally closed my browser using Windows "X" and want to log on again. Video Trainer sends me a message that says "Your Account is already logged into the server. Please click Ok to close that session and start a new one. Is this normal?

This message is normal and will be displayed whenever you have an open session. Clicking OK will close your previous browser session and start a new one. If you train on multiple devices it is necessary to logout of one device before you continue training on another device. This will ensure your current progress is captured and sent to the server.