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At NADIA, we provide professional level courses that enables our students to meet on-the-job challenges in the dynamic corporate environment...

Online E NADIA Training Terms & Conditions

Online E NADIA Training conditions :

Validity: Access valid for One year from date of purchase. Purchase: Multiple online course allowed by single user through secured online epayment gateway. Method of payment: We accept VISA or Mastercard credit cards. Online Training delivery : All courses booked under the ONLINE TRAINING will be available for one year. You will be allowed to have access for 12 month for self learning. Free Upgrades :We provide a simple upgrade policy for all training products. Free upgrade apply to ONLINE TRAINING which is valid for 12 month from date of purchase. Termination : User licence will be cancelled automatically on completaion of 12 month or any violation of our licence.


Fees once paid are non refundable.

Acess Transfer :

Users cannot transfer access i.e user name and password to any third party. All the Course/Training fee are in DIRHAM and would be processed in DIRHAM only.

Governing law & jurisdiction:Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with 'Governing law and jurisdiction' shall be governed in accordance with the laws of UAE