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Exchange Server Training

Exchange Server Training

Duration: 20 hours

Learn to Plan, deploy, manage, secure, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot

Exchange Server 2013.

Microsoft Exchange is one of the most widely used mail servers in the corporate world. Exchange server training is intended for people aspiring to be enterprise-level messaging administrators. IT generalists and help desk professionals are among those who may want to learn about Exchange Server.

What you’ll learn?

·        Installation of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

·        Configuring Mailbox Servers

·        Deploying Client Access Server

·        Managing Recipient Objects

·        Managing Mailbox Permission

·        Configuring Messaging Client Connectivity

·        Configuring Message Transport

·        Implementing High Availability

·        Implementing Disaster Recovery

·        Configuring an Anti-Spam Solution

·        Configuring Role Based Access Control

·        Configuring MS Outlook

·        Connecting Exchange Server to Internet

Prerequisites :

• Experience managing software in Windows 2008 R2 enterprise server or in a Windows Server 2012 environment

• Experience and Knowledge in IIS, AD DC, Windows PowerShell, Connecting applications to SQL Server