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CHRR Course

About This Course

This course focuses on human resource management skills, including recruitment process, effective human resource management, business management and strategy, workforce planning, organization communication and conflict management, risk management, employee training and induction, performance management,
What You Will Learn
Human resource management
1.1 HR functions
Performance evaluation
Compensation and benefits
Training and Development
Employee relation
Health, safety, and security
HR research
Strategic alignment

1.2 HR Generalist and HR specialist
Human resource manager or executive
Human resource specialist
Human resource support jobs

1.3 HR Role
Role 1: Management of firm infrastructure
Role 2: management of employee contribution
Role 3: management of Strategic HR
Role 4: management of transformation change

1.4 HR Challenges
Unit 2. Employee Relation
2.1 Employee relation
Getting a work and residency permit process

2.2 Individual employment contract
Limited contract
Unlimited contract

2.3 Severance pay
Termination VS Resignation
Severance pay Explained
Gratuity calculation steps
Other end of service

2.4 Updated Decree
Emiratisation laws
Current Decrees discussion*
Unit 3. Recruitment
3.1 The recruitment process
Staffing plans
Job analysis, Job description and Job specification
Develop recruitment plan

3.2 Exercise: Job description and job specification

3.3 Exercise: Advertisement space
Unit 4. Selection
4.1 The selection framework

4.2 Short listing
Steps for short listing
Exercise: short listing practice session

4.3 Interview
The six steps interview plan
Interview types
Exercise: Interview Session

4.4 Selection test
Ability tests
Personality test
4.4 Assessment or selection center
4.5 Reference check
4.6 Making and offer
4.7 Exercise: Recruitment and Selection Case study
4.8 Exercise: Recruitment and Selection Project

4.9 New employee orientation
Objectives of induction process
Induction program
Responsibility for induction
Networking in induction program
Sample induction forms

Unit 5. Training and Development
5.1 Need for training
Skills gap
Strategic Alignment of Training and Development
Training needs analysis

5.2 Funding the training function
Cost/Benefit analysis of training
Training ROI

5.3 Systems model of training
Unit 6. Effective performance management
6.1 Managing employee performance
Five Step performance Process

6.2 Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
Preparing KPI
Core Employment Competencies model
Leading and lagging indicator
Scorecard and dashboard
Exercise: a Case study

6.3 Performance development plan (PDP)
The process
Performance management and performance appraisal

6.4 Methods of performance appraisal
Graphics rating scale
Essay appraisal
Checklist scale
Critical incident appraisal
Ranking methods
Behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS)
Management By Objective (MBO)
360-degree feedback/Appraisal
Exercise: Performance Appraisal Discussion
Unit 7. Wage and Compensation policy
7.1 Pay structure
Internal equity
External equity

7.2 salary surveys
Salary survey benefits
Compensation consultants and strategy
Case study: Wage and compensation survey

7.3 payroll and salary processing
Leave calculation
Paid leave
Unpaid leave
Sick leave
Maternity leave
Salary advance

7.4 payslip
Payslip format

7.5 Wage protection system (WPS)
Features - NADIA WPS corporate
Unit 8. Organizational Exit
8.1 Employee retention
Main reason for leaving
Why retain?
Cost of employee turnover
Employee retention methods

8.2 General issues
Exit interview
Termination interview
Layoffs and Reduction in force (RIF)

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