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Certification in Supply Chain Management ( CSCM)

Certification in Supply Chain Management ( CSCM)

Duration: 30 hours




o   Function of various departments

o   Importance of Communication between departments


Quality Management Systems

o   International Organization of Standards (ISO)

o   Quality Tools


Logistics and Supply Chain

o   Key components of Logistics

o   Supply Chain and 4 Key Player

o   Objectives of Supply Chain

o   7 Principles

o   Supply Chain Links

o   Conditions of Implementation

o   Supply Chain Planning

o   Software types for Supply Chain

o   Risk Management



o   The Process

o   Key Challenges in Procurement

o   Life Cycle Costing

o   Costs associated in different stages of Life Cycle

o   Order Processing Cycle and Lead Time



o   Need for Warehousing

o   Issues affecting Warehousing

o   Types of Warehouse

o   Characteristics of Ideal Warehouse

o   Functions of Warehouse

o   Storage Systems

o   What is Warehouse Management System?

o   Various Types of Material Handling Equipment

o   Warehouse Safety

Inventory Management:

o   Types of Inventory

o   Purpose of Inventory

o   Inventory Costs

o   Elements of Inventory Management Systems

o   Disadvantages of Inventory

o   ABC Analysis

o   Inventory Management Models

o   Dispatching Rules


International Trade and Freight

o   Link between Trade, Freight, Goods and Transport

o   Trade and Tariffs

o   Identification of Goods

o   Role of different agencies in moving Freight

o   Legislations for goods to be trades

o   Documentation used in Trade

o   Information for preferred method of Transportation

o   Different methods of Transporting goods

o   Advantages and Disadvantages of using Transport

o   Trade terms and International Standards – INCOTERMS

o   Barriers to Trade

o   Methods of Monitoring Movements of Goods

o   Problems with International Trade